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Your future is important. That's why you need financial advice you can trust. Invest in the Hometown Difference.

Whether you want to prepare for a secure retirement, save for your children's education or ensure your family is protected from the financial hardships caused by long-term illness or death, the advisors at MCSB Investment Services equip you with knowledge-based financial planning, enabling you to enjoy the future you desire.

A Mercer County native, Cathleen Beatrice is a skilled practitioner with years of experience. Let her provide you with tools and advice for navigating every stage of your financial life.

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable and Dependable. That's MCSB Investment Services.

Together, we can explore your objectives and goals and create a customized plan that sets you on a promising course. 

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is easier when you work with the right people. Our MCSB Investment Services Team will take the time to understand your situation and help you develop a customized retirement plan unique to your retirement needs. We’ll help you select the right mix of investment vehicles that will maximize the benefits of your plan. 

Some of our retirement plan options include:

Traditional IRAs

A Traditional IRA is a plan that may allow you to deduct your contribution from your taxes* and allows your funds to grow tax deferred. You are in control of your investments and mandatory withdrawals are required beginning at the age of 70 ½.


A ROTH IRA is a plan that invests after-tax dollars and allows them to grow tax deferred. The main benefit of the ROTH is that it allows you to take qualifying withdrawals tax-free after the age 59 ½ if it has existed for at least five years. No mandatory distribution is required at any age.

Tax Deferred Annuities

If you have taken full advantage of the tax benefits of a traditional and/or ROTH IRAs, then tax-deferred annuities may be a good way for you to set aside additional savings to secure your financial future.

Rollover IRAs

If you recently changed jobs and have 401(k) balances in your previous employer’s plan, then it's a good idea to have those investments reviewed by our Financial Services Team. We can help you select the appropriate rollover option for your 401(k) and we’ll even fill out all the paperwork for you!

*Consult a tax advisor

Personal Investing

Creating an investment plan is a big undertaking: digging through research, staying on top of market changes, and being sure to ask all the right questions.  Whether you are saving for the future or for a specific purchase like a wedding or a business opportunity, our MCSB Investment Services Team is here to take the pressure off you so you can spend more time enjoying today and looking forward to tomorrow.

We can assist you with:

  • Investment strategies that can maximize your return
  • Tax-advantaged Planning
  • Long-term Wealth Accumulation
  • Innovative Insurance Solutions
  • Estate Planning
  • Building powerful Personal Retirement Plans and Business Retirement Plans
  • Education Finance strategies

Schedule a free, comprehensive, no obligation review of your financial situation and your individual investment needs today by contacting Cathleen Beatrice or Cathaleen Finn

The MCSB Investment Services Team - Cathaleen Finn (Financial Advisor), Cathy Beatrice (Financial Advisor) and Liz Kendall (Sales Assistant)

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